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A Novel Approach in Using Solar Panels on the Outside of Composite Walls

EasyChair Preprint no. 3019

4 pagesDate: March 22, 2020


In today’s generation solar energy  produced by nuclear  fusion in sun is a non-vanishing renewable resource of energy and the need of the hour. The realization of drastic climatic change , the sudden need of sustainable development and growing awareness of people regarding environmental changes grows a strong  interest in developing more scientific ways to produce electricity and conserve energy at the same time.This paper provides an overview  of technical, economic and policy aspects of solar energy development. It basically revolves around future aspects and resource potential of solar energy. A long discussion on solar panels in composite walls to conserve energy and future scope in utilizing the same for further benefits. Within the design, the critical components of the system and their own design are revised. Regarding the operation, it is reviewed taking a sample model for giving a detailed work of solar panels and conduction review on the composite walls.

Keyphrases: Composite walls, insulation., Photovoltaic cell, Solar panel, Temperature

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