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How To Implement Political Marketing Strategy For Winning Regional Head Election?

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11 pagesDate: September 9, 2020


This paper aims to decribe how the Political Marketing Strategy of Nadjmi Adhani and Darmawan Jaya couples to win the regional head election in Banjarbaru City in 2015.  Researchers used a qualitative approach to the type of descriptive research. The results of this study indicate, the political marketing strategies of Nadjmi Adhani and Darmawan Jaya Setiawan couples can be said to be successfulThis is seen from the indicators of political marketing strategy, namely the product has an influence and one of the considerations of the voting community in choosing. Promotion, which is carried out not only in the campaign period but rather long before the campaign schedule. Price (price), in terms of economics in the form of costs in terms of advertising, publication, the cost of the grand meeting to the administrative costs of organizing the campaign team. Whereas in terms of psychological and image also becomes important to provide confidence to the community. Place (place), face to face directly to the community and attend invitations from the community. It is recommended that the candidates for regional head candidates, the supporting political parties and the campaign team can make this research as a guideline, so that the objectives of political marketing will result in victory.

Keyphrases: Political Marketing Politik, regional head election, Strategy

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