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Harnessing The Self-Healing Effect of Terahertz Rays: Advancements and Applications

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6 pagesDate: November 23, 2023


Terahertz (T-rays) radiation is gaining attention in medical applications due to its potential for self-healing effects. This abstract explores T-ray technology’s recent advances in biomedical engineering. T-rays, falling between infrared and microwave radiation, can activate self-healing mechanisms in damaged tissues, promoting cell regeneration, wound healing, and implant integration. Semiconductors, like quantum cascade lasers, generate T-rays through nonlinear optical frequency mixing. In summary, T-rays offer promise for material restoration and repair, with applications in biomedical engineering, enhancing device reliability and tissue regeneration. Research and technological advancements may revolutionize various industries with self-healing capabilities.

Keyphrases: Biomedical Engineering, self-healing, Terahertz Rays

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