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Cyber-Crimes in India

EasyChair Preprint no. 6244

17 pagesDate: August 6, 2021


This is the 21st century and we are very well aware of the evolution we have seen over the years in the society through technology. The computers have been very useful over the years. It has given new rise to opportunities in fields like entertainment, business, sports, education etc. As we know every coin has two sides so as computers have, it has become a reason for the cybercrime to exist. The first cybercrime in India, the first polymorphic virus was released in the year 1992 of Yahoo Aakash up until now the cyber-crimes and criminals have increased and evolved. But the government have passed the IT Act,2000 on 17th October,2000 by the Indian President K.R. Narayanan. Although despite of having all the laws against cyber-crimes and criminals, cyber-crimes are still alive in day-to-day life and they are measuring the people can follow to avoid being a victim of cyber-crimes.

Keyphrases: Cyber Crime, Cyber Criminals, IT Act 2000

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