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IoT Based Smart City with Vehicular Safety Monitoring

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9 pagesDate: September 18, 2019


A definition of a smart city can be defined as a city which works smartly, reduce human effort, and collects data from the various parameters that include students, devices, water supply network, classes, labs, transportation, information system, etc. and analysis the data for the future work. Our internet of things (IoT) based stimulated and conceptual model consists of various systems which collect data from the different parameters and send data to the central control room through the access point. Various sensors are used for different environment parameter which is controlled by the microcontroller unit (MCU). These systems are centrally controlled and managed. Each system has its limit or levels respectively. If data crosses the limit, then our model activates the alert system which is installed in different location of the city. The alert system also displays the precautions and safety tricks for public information. The collected data are stored in the central repository for the data analysis. The collected data are displayed for public information which is deployed in a different location. Our smart city model consists of web & speed monitoring system which includes a radar system to measure the vehicles speed. If the speed of a vehicle crosses the speed limit then web/CCTV camera gets activated and captures the video/imagery data of the responsible vehicle and collects the information like vehicle color, vehicle types, vehicle number, etc. and sent to the central control room. Central control room broadcast the information to the management so that responsible vehicle can be caught.

Keyphrases: IoT, road safety., Smart City, Smart safety, Vehicular Communication, Wireless Sensor Network

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