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Direct Influence of Gravitational Field on Object Motion Invalidates Spacetime Distortion

EasyChair Preprint no. 11980

5 pagesDate: February 7, 2024


This study investigates the direct influence of gravitational fields on object motion, challenging the traditional concept of spacetime distortion in gravitational theory. By examining the behavior of photons in strong gravitational fields, the study sheds light on the intricate relationship between gravitational forces and object motion. Through rigorous methodology and mathematical presentation, the research unveils symmetrical patterns in energy, momentum, and wavelength changes, suggesting a fundamental consistency in photon behavior under gravitational influences. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of gravitational phenomena and offer new insights into the fundamental nature of gravity, with implications for theoretical physics and our understanding of the universe's fabric.

Keyphrases: electromagnetic radiation, gravitational field, gravitational interactions, Gravitational Theory, mathematical abstraction, Object motion, Photons, spacetime distortion

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