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Application of Solar Powered Wheelbarrow for Energy Saving Cooking Process

EasyChair Preprint no. 4420

7 pagesDate: October 17, 2020


The development of solar energy to meet the various needs of human life is currently increasing. Solar Power Plant technology has also been widely found and applied in the community. The research conducted is the application of PV mini-grid technology which is used for energy-efficient cooking processes. Solar Power Plant is used as an energy source to supply electricity to wheelbarrows. The dimensions of the wheelbarrow used are 180 cm long, 216 cm wide, and 150 cm high. The solar panel used has an installed power capacity of 4 x 100 Wp, a Polycristaline type. Other PLTS components include 100 Ah VRLA Battery, 1000 W Inverter and 10 A Battery Control Regulator. This wheelbarrow has an electric stove with a 300 Watt power rating and is equipped with a 10 Watt lamp and a socket. This wheelbarrow is used for cooking for approximately 4 hours with continuous use and longer for light or medium use.

Keyphrases: cooking, Electric Stove, solar power, Wheelbarrow

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