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Effect of Crumbed Rubber Treatment on Rubbeised Concrete Properties

EasyChair Preprint no. 9581

8 pagesDate: January 16, 2023


The use of waste tire particles as a partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete mixtures can provide environment-friendly solutions for waste tire disposal problems. However, incorporating tire particles in concrete may affect its hardened properties due to the weak bonding between rubber particles and cement paste. Therefore, the aim of this study is to enhance this bond by using two different methodologies: cement paste and mortar pre-coating. Several concrete mixtures were made with replacing the fine aggregate with (0%, 30% and 40%) rubber particles treated with the two methodologies by volume. The water-to-cement ratio and the aggregate-to-cement ratio kept constant (w/c = 0.4 and A/c=4.5). These mixtures were examined in the fresh and hardened phases. The results showed that pre-coating rubber by mortar gave better results in terms of density, compressive strength and flexure strength.

Keyphrases: Crumb rubber, pre-coating, Rubberized concrete, treatment

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