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ICT as a Tool for Forming Gender Self-Identity in Preschool Children

EasyChair Preprint no. 2797

16 pagesDate: February 28, 2020


The concepts of “gender self-identity” and “ Information and communications technology (ICT)” are clarified in the article. The problem of formation of gender self-identity in preschool children in modern conditions is getting bigger. The experience of using ICT as a communication and educational tool in the research of foreign scientists is presented. The importance of using information and communication technologies to formulate in adults understanding of the stages of formation of gender self-identity in older preschool children is substantiated. The factors of influence on the formation of gender self-identity are characterized and a number of tasks that teachers in the process of raising children are formulated. The stages of formation of gender cognition in preschool children are determined. Emphasis is placed on current trends and newest technologies for the formation of boys and girls gender settings. There are also suggested combinations of didactic material using different educational online platforms. Internet site, presented as an effective means of working in family education, is aimed at supporting parents of gender-based self-identification of children. The importance of integration of the educational process with the latest interactive technologies is highlighted. Presented in the article “life hacking” site for parents BabyG is a creative work of authors, tested and effective.

Keyphrases: collaboration with family, didactic tools, education and process, gender, gender stereotypes, ICT technologies, innovative educational technologies, Integration, older preschool children, self-identity, website

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