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Motion Controlled Robotic Arm

EasyChair Preprint no. 2698

4 pagesDate: February 18, 2020


In this paper we have presented a model to control robotic arm through human gestures using flex sensors. A three-axis flex sensor is mounted on human hand in order to perform the action of robotic arm according to the action of human hand.  Flex sensor is connected to the Arduino Uno, which is programmed to take analog readings from flex sensors and transmit them using RF transmitter to the receiving unit at robotic arm. Movements of the robotic arm are achieved through Servomotor. They are a type of electromechanical actuators that do not rotate continuously like DC/AC or stepper motors; rather, they are used to position and hold some object. Servo motors are used where continuous rotation is not required. The main aim is to control the robotic arm using human gestures wirelessly with smooth movement over a range.

Keyphrases: Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, Motion controlled, Servo Motors, Three Axis Rotation.

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