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Networking Paradigm in Smart Grid Communications – Architecture and Challenges

EasyChair Preprint no. 11938

12 pagesDate: February 3, 2024


The global increase in energy demand has led to the modernization of existing power grids into bidirectional multi-layer grids known as Smart Grids. Effective communication and routing technologies are the fundamental base of smart grid architectures that ensure reliability and stability of the established power grid. Initially, the proposed smart grid multi-layer architecture has been proposed to consist of three network layers being WANs/NANs/HANs that are composed of multiple applications from power generation and distribution up to the smart appliances at homes. In this paper, the smart grid network architecture is discussed from the perspective of the network requirements to match its suitable application and the classification of routing protocols that are present to deliver data between layers. Furthermore, prominent challenges are discussed that are possible with the modernization of the existing power grid and proposed solutions are offered. Finally, recommendations are presented that ensure the continuous development of real-time smart grid internetworking that ensure to cope with recent generation communication technologies.

Keyphrases: communication challenges, Cybersecurity, Networking Architecture, Routing technologies, Smart Grids

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