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Robotic Control for Vibration Reduction of Swinging Products

EasyChair Preprint no. 9566

9 pagesDate: January 11, 2023


Input shaping can effectively reduce residual vibrations of flexible systems induced by the reference signal. For the control of cranes, the usefulness of input shaping is well known and implemented.
For robotic placement applications  the shaped reference trajectory could result in a reduced overall settling time.   Both a  frequency domain an time domain view is presented of the input shaping process of a position controlled robot driven flexible system. 
A trade off is required of the move time of the reference versus overshoot. In this paper a method is introduced to relate the relative overshoot to the ratio of vibration time and move time. This enables the selection of  the highest possible acceleration value to meet the overshoot specification. 

For fast robotic pick and placement of swinging products input shaping provides significant reduction of the overshoot, without settling time loss, when the move time equals  more than 60 percent and less than 80 percent of   the natural vibration time. The classic zero vibration input shaper (ZV)  provides best overall performance. When this shaper is  combined with bandwidth matching of  the joint servo controllers to the  vibration frequency of the suspended product,  comparable  performance is obtained while providing a smoother acceleration of the object to reduce peel-off. An experimental validation on a delta robot system, confirms the performance improvement obtained by an  input shaper for a cheese product packed in a liquid bag suspended by a vacuum suction cup gripper.

Keyphrases: food packaging, input shaping, motion control, swinging products, trajectory generation

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