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Automatic Number Plate Detection System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8232

5 pagesDate: June 10, 2022


Automatic Number Plates Recognition (ANPR) is a real-time in-built system that identifies characters directly on the license plate image. It is an active research area. Vehicle plate identification (VNPR) has been extensively studied in many countries. Due to diversity in number plates in different countries, the requirements for the default number recognition system vary from country to country. In this paper, a proposal for the local numbering of Indian car numbers is proposed. This program includes a variety of functions such as taking pictures, locating a number, cutting letters and OCR from alphameric characters. The idea behind the system is to plan and create effective image processing techniques and algorithms to create a license plate in place of the captured image, to separate the letters in that number using the separation and identification of each component character using the Open Computer. Vision Library. This is applied by the K-NN algorithm and the python system language. This system can be implemented in many applications such as security purpose, highway speed detection, light negligence, handwriting recognition, finding of stolen vehicles, automated revenue management systems.

Keyphrases: identifying the vehicle, k-NN algorithm, Number Plate Recognition, OCR, Open CV

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