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Cognitive Computing of Information Extraction and Rich Media Presentation

EasyChair Preprint no. 9668

8 pagesDate: February 5, 2023


The extraction of scientific and technological information and the presentation of rich media aims to achieve the theory of intellectual learning and the practice of cultural genetic system engineering. The method is to gradually merge the three stages of human-computer interaction, collaboration and synergy with batch processing technology. The specific steps are as follows: First, the language chessboard is used to build a dual-formal intelligent text analysis tool software, Second, construct the knowledge module finishing software tool by means of the knowledge menu. Third, present the expert knowledge acquisition and structured expression that the rich media can play a further role in the way of mind map, that is, the visual expression of original idea, its characteristics in the cognitive computing of language, knowledge and originality. The result is a combination of several data platform indexing abstracts of papers, extracting scientific and technological information such as authors and keywords, and rich media presentations. It not only makes typical model, but also writes paper, which is characterized by using language chessboard, knowledge chess-menu and software chess-soul trinity, can accurately show the beneficial effects of the basic theory and method of cognitive computing of language points, knowledge points and original points, and make a corresponding intellectual property protection system. The significance lies in: not only can the abstracts of domestic and foreign scientific and technological journal papers and conference papers be analyzed in a large amount of text, but also can be used to further make rich media portraits of author’s potential innovative thoughts in papers.

Keyphrases: Cognitive computation and learning, Cognitive metrics, cognitive systems, information presentation, Visual information processing

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