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Investigating the Role of Personalization and Customization in Driving Micro Transaction Revenue in Gaming

EasyChair Preprint no. 13008

11 pagesDate: April 12, 2024


Microtransactions have become a significant source of revenue for the gaming industry, with personalization and customization playing pivotal roles in driving player engagement and spending. This study aims to explore the impact of personalization and customization features on microtransaction revenue in gaming contexts. Drawing upon insights from consumer behavior theory and gaming industry practices, the research investigates how tailored experiences, in-game customization options, and personalized offers influence player spending behavior. Through a combination of quantitative analysis and qualitative exploration, this study examines the effectiveness of various personalization strategies in enhancing player satisfaction and maximizing revenue generation. Additionally, the study addresses ethical considerations surrounding the use of personal data and consumer privacy in implementing personalized gaming experiences. The findings offer valuable insights for game developers, publishers, and policymakers seeking to optimize monetization strategies while fostering positive player experiences in the gaming ecosystem.

Keyphrases: Driving Micro transaction, Micro transaction Revenue, online game

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