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Environmental Clearances for High Rise Buildings

EasyChair Preprint no. 7371

7 pagesDate: January 27, 2022


Rapid industrialization and population explosion has led to the migration of peoples from villages to cities which increase human settlement in world’s growing cities and towns. This generates several issues with regard to the environment. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is becoming a very important study before commissioning of any project plan or development in our country. In order to study either its beneficial or harmful effect; evaluation of any project through EIA has become a must; Indian construction industry is rapidly growing at a rate of 9.2% as against the world average of 5.5%. Undertaking EIA for construction industry and improving site management can reduce environmental impacts both on and off site. Several agencies use procedures for EIA of construction projects which might result in significant environmental impacts. The EIA study is necessary to prepare a detailed account of environmental impact of the proposed activity so that appropriate actions could be taken.

 An attempt has been made in this project report to study environmental clearances required for high rise building construction project using checklist analysis methodology. The study focuses on various parameters such as shadow analysis, wind analysis, zoning, water quality and nearest sensitive zones (coastal zoning). The plan attempts to define the project in a whole manner and suggest possible mitigation measures for development. The project report argues that through early planning before the start of the project as well as through all phases of the project’s development, if environmental concerns are considered simultaneously with other technical and economic criteria, it may be possible to develop the housing projects with the protection of natural resources of that area.

Keyphrases: Comissioning, Industrialization, management, methodology

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