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Active Lubrication For Hydrostatic Journal Bearing Using Adaptive Control

EasyChair Preprint no. 1539

9 pagesDate: September 19, 2019


Researches for improving both the load rejection performance and to maintain the air gap for minimum eccentricity in hydrostatic journal bearing, have been increasing in recent decades. Hydrostatic journal bearings are getting popularity from day to day due to their capability to support heavy loads, precise movement, and high stiffness. The performance factors of hydrostatic journal bearing depend on an external source of pressure that supply fluid at a certain pressure.  Normally pump is responsible to supply fluid at a certain pressure, which has poor performance and low efficiency. To contribute a high-accuracy tracking control to maintain the clearance gap by dealing with nonlinearities and uncertainties, this paper presents servo valve with adaptive backstepping control strategy to provide active lubrication for positioning of a shaft in a hydrostatic journal bearing. To check the effectiveness of an adaptive backstepping technique, a number of experiments have been performed in Matlab/Simulink using different values of the speed of the shaft, external load and viscosity. It is found that the adaptive technique has better results as compared to PID strategy. The adaptive backstepping technique has fast response not only receiving uniform value of oil film thickness initially, but also has better load rejection performance. It is also found that proposed strategy is robust against different value of viscosity of SAE 30 grade oil as well as improvement in performance is better with increasing speed due to hydrodynamic effects as compared to PID strategy.

Keyphrases: Adaptive Backstepping control etc, Fluid Film Lubrication, Hydrostatic Journal Bearing, PID control, recess

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