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From Statistical Significance to Real-World Impact: Navigating Clinical Relevance in Research Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 12268

11 pagesDate: February 24, 2024


In the realm of research analysis, the journey from establishing statistical significance to understanding real-world impact is crucial for translating findings into meaningful clinical applications. This paper explores the nuanced path researchers must navigate to bridge the gap between statistical significance and clinical relevance. We delve into the challenges and considerations associated with ensuring that study outcomes not only demonstrate statistical significance but also hold practical significance in the context of patient care and healthcare practices. The discussion covers methodologies for assessing clinical relevance, emphasizing the importance of robust study design, appropriate endpoints, and thoughtful interpretation of results. Real-world implications, such as patient outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and feasibility, are explored to provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating the broader impact of research findings. Through illustrative examples and case studies, we highlight instances where statistical significance may not directly translate into clinical relevance, urging researchers and clinicians alike to critically evaluate the applicability of study results in practice. This paper serves as a guide for researchers, clinicians, and decision-makers in discerning the clinical relevance of research findings, fostering a more informed and impactful integration of scientific evidence into healthcare decision-making.

Keyphrases: Clinical relevance, Healthcare Practices, Patient Outcomes, real-world impact, Research Analysis, statistical significance, study design

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