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Study On Architectural Models Designed For Natural Ventilation By Finite Element Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 7071

4 pagesDate: November 22, 2021


With people's health status according to statistics getting worse and worse, improving the quality of health is an inevitable need that many researchers are interested in. In addition to improving through eating, improving the living environment in homes and workplaces is also essential. Nowadays, many countries around the world have implemented many house models that apply natural ventilation instead of artificial air conditioning system, because natural wind is better and also feels more comfortable. Therefore, the study of controlled natural wind-catching architecture is necessary and consistent. Research in this field can help improve the living environment for people. The objective of the paper is to simulate ventilation solutions based on experience in construction works by finite element method through ANSYS software to consider and evaluate the feasibility of these solutions. If the simulation results match or approximate the actual verified results, they can be applied to the improvement of natural ventilation structures to create a better indoor living environment, meeting the requirements of the environment. more comfortable diagnostics.

Keyphrases: ANSYS, finite element method, natural ventilation

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