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Comparative Performance of CMOS Active Inductor

EasyChair Preprint no. 5210

13 pagesDate: March 24, 2021


In this work, a Gyrator - C based CMOS active inductor is designed using 180nm and 90nm CMOS technology. Moving from 180nm to 90nm technology will diminish the cost of the system and also provide more functionalities. The nominated circuit is designed using a three-stage Common Source (CS) configuration, and the resemblance is made with the recent work. From the simulation results, it is monitored that the maximum quality factor (Qmax) lifts, and the area sinks as we wane the technology. the consequences depict the Qmax of 311 at 478.63MHz and an area of 216.04 µm2 for 180nm technology. Whereas, the ensure for 90nm technology gives the Qmax of 659 at 10.96GHz and an area of 68.73µm2.

Keyphrases: Active Inductor (AI), Area, CMOS, Gyrator-C, Quality factor(Q)

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