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Impact of Nanocarbon Tubes Added Biodiesel on Diesel Engine Performance and Emission

EasyChair Preprint no. 9863

13 pagesDate: March 12, 2023


In recent years due to increased in population and globalization has created awareness among the people on the depletion of crude oil and its resources and various pollution related issues which created tension all around the globe to think on the alternate way. Due to this, Biofuel and various combination of Biodiesel are now a day’s gaining popularity. The researcher all around the globe is doing research on this and trying to find the best possible output from Biofuel which can be alternate source for fossil fuel and can serve the need of the growing society. The fuel price also made researcher to find the alternate way to bring down the load on crude oil. In my research work I have carried out the Engine Experiment with Diesel and added Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) to enhance the performance. CNT has cylindrical and tubular structure made up of carbon atoms which helps in improving the combustion of diesel-biodiesel mixture. I considered the different dosages for experimental studies; from that I observed, the CNT impacts the performance and emission characteristic of the single cylinder Diesel engine. However, the dosage level has to be optimized.

Keyphrases: Biodiesel, Biofuel, Carbon Nano Tube CNT, Engine performance

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