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Study the Strength Properties of Concrete by Varying Percentage of Silica Fume and Steel Fiber

EasyChair Preprint no. 7653

15 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


Several mechanical parameters of concrete specimens have been examined in this experimental study. The investigation purpose of present experimental work is to create a ductile and high-stable cementitious materials by adding silica fume and steel fibers. In this experiment work, two sorts of steel-F were utilized, taking aspect ratio (L-F / Dia.-F) of 52 and 72, with 0.44%, 0.88%, and 1.76% by mass of cement content. The percentages of SF were added to concrete 8.5% by mass of cement. A W/C ratio of 0.42 was used, slump was considered to be 100 mm. On fresh concrete slump for workability test, unit weight for density tests were conducted. On hardened concrete, compressive-stress, tensile-strength, flexural-strength, elastic-modulus were destined. Cement replacement with SF exceeds both mechanical qualities as well as elastic-modulus of concrete. But, inclusion of steel-F into cementitious materials greatly enhances the flexural-strength, and tensile-strength of high-stable concrete. As silica-F & steel-F percentage increase, the compressive strength also increases, but the aspect-ratio of S-fiber inverse effects on C-S, at low values aspect ratio presented higher compressive strength, and so on. As the silica-F and steel-F percentage increase, the splitting tensile, flexural strength also increases, aspect ratio direct effects on both mentioned strength, and high aspect ratio presented higher tensile and flexural strength. It was finally discovered mechanical qualities of cementitious materials depend upon silica-F, steel-F content, and the aspect ratio of the steel-F.

Keyphrases: density, High strength concrete, Mechanical properties of concrete, silica fume, Steel fiber aspect ratio

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