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An Expressive Access Control Mechanism for Cloud Data Outsourcing

EasyChair Preprint no. 4367

7 pagesDate: October 11, 2020


Now a days, intension of people are hosting all kind of information into the cloud to get benefitted in various way without considering security and privacy. Though cloud is providing wonderful services with lot of utilities, fully trust on third party cloud server tends to a lot of risk, especially data storage and outsourcing. In order to build the trust level of users of outsourcing sensitive information maintained by third party un-trusted cloud provider, the user should have partial or full control on security of their own data rather than relying completely on the security provided by the cloud provider. The user to set the access polices on their outsourced sensitive information to decide which user can access what information. The user should be authenticated before accessing any service from the cloud without compromising their privacy. In this paper, we explained various issues of cloud data outsourcing and also propose a dynamic access control mechanism for outsourced cloud data which will give more efficiency and reliability.

Keyphrases: access control, Cloud Computing, CP-ABE, data outsourcing, Linear Secret Sharing Scheme(LSSS)

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