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Resilience, Safety and Health: Reflections About Covid-19' Assistance

EasyChair Preprint no. 6938

8 pagesDate: October 26, 2021


There are growing concerns about how healthcare systems can adapt in times of crisis. The overarching challenge lies in how resilience engineering could be used to analyze and improve the performance of healthcare systems con-cerning the Covid-19. This study aims to describe the relationship between resilience potentials and health and safety aspects and its consequences on quality and resilience in healthcare systems. This study has a quantitative methodological approach using a survey with the Resilience Analysis Grid as an approach to analyzing organizational resilience based on the idea that four potential (responding, monitoring, learning and anticipating) influence patient safety, occupational health and safety and resilient system performance. As for this study results, anticipating and monitoring, overall resilience and oc-cupational health and safety are the variables that need more attention in healthcare systems. This study has a dyad of contributions, as a practice, evaluate the resilience in a pandemic time, and as theoretical, the identifica-tion of the importance of resilience four potential connections in healthcare systems.

Keyphrases: COVID-19, Ergonomics, Healthcare, Human Factors, Resilience Engineering

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