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Research on System Design of Urban Furniture in China

EasyChair Preprint no. 1389

8 pagesDate: August 9, 2019


Looking at the course of urban development, urban furniture, which has served as an adjunct to urban construction, was marginalized and rarely received enough attention and was presented separately as an important part of urban construction. Along with China's rapid development, a new era of urban construction has also begun. Placed in this context, urban construction and development must better serve the people and constantly satisfy people's pursuit of a happy life. With the progress of city development and technology advancement, a brand new perspective is required when discussing the existed problems of urban furniture. Furthermore, study problems in the setup, construction, management and operation part of urban furniture in a systematically way, adapt them to the needs of urban life are equally indispensable. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the problems and its causes of Chinese urban furniture from multiple angles, analyze the achievements of Chinese urban furniture construction and sum up experience, to find new ways to build better urban furniture ecology and provide valuable experience for urban furniture construction in other countries.

Keyphrases: Street Furniture, system design, Urban furniture, urban furniture system

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