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AI Chat-Bot

EasyChair Preprint no. 3829

4 pagesDate: July 12, 2020


AI Chat-bots, or conversational interfaces as they are also known ,which allows a user to simply ask questions in the same way that they ask human.The most well known chat- bots currently are voice chat-bots: Alexa ,Siri,bixbi,google home and many more.

The technology which drives the chat-bot is natural language processing (“NLP”).

Natural language Processing concern with the interactions of human and computer .These algorithm based program just takes a large set of data that are generated or created from real world input data.Some of the earliest-used algorithms, such as decision tree, produced systems of hard if-then rules similar to the systems of handwritten rules that were then common.

As chat-bots can take client contribution to numerous arrangements like content, voice, assumptions, and so forth. For this reason, many open source stages are accessible. Markup Language (AIML) is gotten from XML which is utilized to develop a chat-bot. Right now,use „program-o‟ which is an AIML translator for the clients input. I have utilized this strategy for building up an application chat-bot which will communicate with client utilizing content .

Keyphrases: AI-ml(Artificial intelligence markup language), Chat bot, NLP(Natural Language Processing), XML

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