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Drilling Pipe Seismic Controls

EasyChair Preprint no. 4486

18 pagesDate: October 30, 2020


To study the vibration effect on the drilling process and discuss the results, using a three-dimension model contain three parts represented the actual drilling process. The three parts are [the drilling pipe, drilling pit and the rocks]. The hallow pipe which made from carbon steel used to transfer the torque from the drilling machine to the drilling bit. The bit which used to crush the rocks. It’s made of titanium. Finally, the rocks. It’s the main point in this study. There’re three types of rocks in this research the sand stone, lime stone and granite. Which deferent in the physical properties like the density. After preparing this model sent it to the ANSYS workbench to analyses and extract the results. The results which included in this paper for the three different cases. Each case study different type of formation rocks layer. The sand stone rocks formation layer was in the first case. The lime stone rocks formation layer was in the second case. And the granite rock’s formation was in the third case. This paper stud the maximum and minimum effects of the physical properties in the drilling process. The concentration point of the maximum deformation, equivalent elastic strain, maximum principal elastic strain, normal elastic strain, minimum total deformation, minimum equivalent elastic strain, minimum principle elastic strain and minimum normal elastic strain, shear stress, normal stress, minimum shear Stress and minimum normal stress. on the drilling pipe, drilling pit and the rocks of the formation layer.

Keyphrases: Ansys Workbeanch, Controls, damage, Drill pipe, seismic, Stabilizers, vibration

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