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Development of Multilingual Education in Ukraine

EasyChair Preprint no. 4326

6 pagesDate: October 8, 2020


Language education is an important tool that forms the consciousness of the individual and its ability to be socially mobile in society, contributes to a dialogue of cultures in a globalizing world around solving various problems. New realities require changes in the definition of the level of knowledge of foreign languages, the new approaches definition to the selection of content and organization of materials, the use of adequate forms and types of control. Of particular relevance is multilingual education on the principle of Ukrainian + foreign in the light of Common-European polymeric trends, the integration of our state in the European educational space, the spread of student exchange practices and the openness of our country's educational system for foreign students. The spread of the foreign languages studying fits into the context of European directives, which recommend that Member States teach two other languages of the European Union in educational institutions, in addition to the state language. Multilingual education in Ukraine is an adequate answer to the question of linguistic and cultural diversification in Europe. An important feature of multilingual education in Ukraine is to take into account the regional needs of local ethnic communities, national characteristics and Common -European trends.

Keyphrases: bilingual education, cultural development, first language, Language Schools, multilingual education, native language, second language

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