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A Short Review on Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 8265

6 pagesDate: June 12, 2022


Todays world is going digital and moving so fast. In this quickly adapting and upgrading world we need people are using IOT for making life easy and comfortable. While driving every time drive needs to operate vehicle with his own hands. At some place’s person cannot go in vehicle as it may be at dangerous sites or some difficult sides. So, in order to tackle all these problems and many more we have tried to make a voice controlled robotic vehicle which can solve these problems and may give access to different sites which are difficult to access for human. We have tried to use Bluetooth device for capturing voice commands to vehicle. The android applications give command to the vehicle via android device. The android-based systems provide user friendly interface for user. The android sends these commands and Arduino receives the commands then Arduino drives motors with help of the motor driving IC as per the commands sent by android

Keyphrases: Android Application, Bluetooth module, DC servo motor, Voice Recognition

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