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Building Wall Corner Structures, Its Microclimate and Seismic Resistance

EasyChair Preprint no. 5364

8 pagesDate: April 24, 2021


Widespread low-rise residential buildings with a seismically resistant concrete frame and brick infill walls have lower microclimate levels in cold seasons due to low temperatures on the inner wall corner surfaces. These temperatures are lower if there is a corner column. For Bishkek, this temperature is 4,6 °C lower than that for permissible microclimate, even when the external wall has the required 70 mm of mineral wool slab insulation. It is caused by the negative effect of the wall corner thermal bridge. This effect is determined by ArchiCAD 20 software packages by visualizing the temperature distribution in the cross-section of the corner, which needs an additional thermal insulation layer of 40 mm. Using the LiraSAPR 2013 software package, the authors reduced the square cross-section dimensions of the column by 40 mm to allow for that additional thermal insulation layer. The optimal width of this layer is determined for different options for the meeting angle of two external walls from 70° to 180°. For a typical 90° angle, an acceptable width is 860 mm. With this insulation, it is possible to achieve the required temperature at the corner. The authors eliminated the negative thermal effect of the corner by rounding it with cement-sand plaster. Using the isotherms, it was determined that the rounding radius of 300 mm allowed for equal temperatures on the corner and inner surface of the external walls. The achieved results show that the microclimate formed as in a room without external wall corners.

Keyphrases: building, concrete frame, external wall, microclimate, seismic resistance, thermal bridge

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