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The Use of Worldbuilding as a Meditative Tool with Narrative Through Visual Storytelling

EasyChair Preprint no. 11908

10 pagesDate: January 29, 2024


In media, worldbuilding is often the driver of immersion. One of the main reasons is the life and plausibility it gives its world. From the epic novels of J.J.R. Tolkien to hundreds of blockbusters, worldbuilding has always been an essential creative element in fiction. But is it a beneficial tool for treating mental health through its replicated virtual environments? In this article, we will discuss the scope and uses of worldbuilding, the many natural elements present therein, and the potential of virtual reality (VR) technology as a way to bring the experimental game to life. Finally, we will evaluate those virtual, peaceful environments that include worldbuilding and immersive elements for benefits to mental health. We will use questionnaires describing the game flow and player experience to help analyze and answer the hypothesis.

Keyphrases: Meditation, realism, senses, Virtual Reality, worldbuilding

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