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Real-time Communication Protocol With JSON Syntax

EasyChair Preprint no. 1559, version 2

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7 pagesDate: October 16, 2019


Real-time and platform-independent communication infrastructures are needed in the Internet of Things (IoT), critical task software, enterprise applications, microservices etc areas. In this regard, Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast communication types of the TCP protocol are insufficient. Data transmission performance increases through data transfer from the broker server, as network traffic is reduced and the transferred data are used at the optimum level. In this study, we propose a new protocol based on text-based and JSON syntax JTP (JSON Transmission Protocol) in which data is transmitted via the broker server to communicate in real time between the platform-independent network clients. In this study, STOMP, XMPP, RESP and NATS protocols were examined and protocol dimensions and algorithm performance, frame sizes and algorithm performance and human readability and coding levels were evaluated. The examined protocols and JTP protocol were compared by doing tests in terms of comparison criteria and functional properties. It has been shown that JTP features a higher number of functional properties in comparison to alternatives.

Keyphrases: Aracı Sunucu, Broker Server, Gerçek Zamanlı İletişim, JSON, JTP, NATS, protocol, Protokol, real-time communication, RESP, STOMP, TCP, XMPP

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