Proceedings of EUNIS 2022 – The 28th International Congress of European University Information Systems

20 articles186 pagesPublished: September 20, 2022


I Infrastructure (Information Security, ICT in Research, Standards, Interoperability)
Pages 1-11
Pages 12-21
Pages 22-33
Pages 34-43
Pages 44-49
Pages 50-55
Pages 56-65
Pages 66-73
II Management (Management Frameworks, Governance and Policies, Open Science, Digital Sovereignty, Business Intelligence)
Pages 74-86
Pages 87-94
Pages 95-102
Pages 103-108
Pages 109-120
Pages 121-130
Pages 131-140
Pages 141-148
Pages 149-158
III Teaching & Learning (Student Experience, Student Mobility, Educational Technology)
Pages 159-167
Pages 168-177
Pages 178-186


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