ICRISET2017. International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology. Selected Papers in Engineering


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2-D FEM, 3-D FEM, 5S., Absorber, AC bridges, Accelerometer, Acoustic pressure, active power control, addendum, AHP, AI algorithms, Algae, ALPR, An analytical approach, angle stability, ANN2, ANOVA, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), ANPC, ANSYS, Antenna applications on medical diagnostics, API Standards, AR, ATmega32, automatic control, Automatic swing, Beacon, bending, Bio-metrics, Biodiesel, Bipolar junction transistor, Bit Error Rat (BER), blade outlet angle, blower, Bolster, boundary conditions, Brain sense, Breast Cancer Detection, buck-boost converter, Buckling, cable, Caine method, Capacitor ageing, capacity, cavitation, CCA, centrifugal casting, Centrifugal pump, centroid, CF8M material, CFD, CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics), Channel State Information (CSI)2, charger, childcare, clearance, Cluster Based Routing Protocol, CoC (Correlation Coefficients), Codebook, composite material, compressed air energy system (CAES), compressed air system, compressive sensing, Compressor, computer vision, Congestion, contingency analysis, contour, control of induction motor, control strategy, Coordinate Measuring Machine, core loss, CPG, crack, Crank case casting, Cross regulation, Crossdrilled disc brake rotor, CSA, cwnd, Damping controller, Database Management System, DC bridges, DC link capacitor voltage balancing, DC-DC boost converter, DC-DC converter, DC-Link Voltage Modulation, dedundum, depth, detector, Diode clamped multilevel inverter, Directional Overcurrent Relays, Disc brake analysis, Discrete Cosine Transform, Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Distributed Generation, distribution system, diversity, DOE, DOE(Design Of Experiment), DSTATCOM, Dual Plate Check Valve, Duval pentagon, edge detection, EEG, Effect of parameter variations., eigenvalue analysis, EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference), Energy efficiency (EE)., Energy Efficiency and savings, Energy Efficient LEACH, Equal Gain Combining (EGC), Ergodic achievable sum rate, Euclidean distance, face milling, FACTS device, fault diagnosis, FC-TCR, FEM, FEM analysis of disc brake, ferro-fluid, FFA, FGM, FGM characterisation, Field oriented control, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Fixed Switching based Current Controller, Fixture, flatness, flexible microstrip antenna for early breast cancer detection, flow simulation, Flyback converter, force measurement, force/torque sensor, fork end, fossil fuel, FPGA, frame difference, FSW, GA, gait recognition, Gating system2, gear, Genetic Algorithm, GPS less, Green sand, Gripper, GSM module, GUI, Haar wavelet, Hardness, harmonic, Harmonics, Head band, heating, Homography Estimation, HSA, HTS cable, hydraulic cylinder, I.C.Engine, image processing, image registration, image warping, Incremental Conductance, Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Induction motor, intelligent robot, Inverter as AC Chopper, IoT, IR connection, IR sensing, Isotropic approach, iterative method, IV PV Curve of Solar Cell, Journal bearing, kaizen., Keywords—Valves, l1 minimization, LabVIEW ( Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench), land, Lapping, LC filter, LEACH, Lead time reduction., lewis factor, Library Automation, linear precoding, Linear sensitivity factors, LM25-SiC, load carrying capacity, Load support, Loads, low power, LP, MADM, Magnesium Alloy AZ91, maneuverable, Massive MIMO, material flow time., mathematical model, MATLAB, Maximum Ratio Combining(MRC), Mean Opinion Score, Mechanical drives, Metal Matrix Composites, Metamaterial, mobile, modified carrier based PWM, module, mold box, Mono Crystalline Solar Cell, motion control, Motion Study, MPPT2, MPPT algorithm, multi-cell, Multilevel inverter, Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)2, Multiple Output SMPS, Nanolubricants, Natural fiber, neural network, NLP, Non-linear load, NS-2, number of teeth, OA (Orthogonal Array), OCR, Offshore, optimal placement, Optimization, outer upset, Output voltage regulation, overvoltage, P&O algorithm, P-Q Curve, Parabolic trough collector, parameters tuning, passive harmonic filter, passive series filter, passives shunt filter, PC, Peak Temperature Simulation, performance analysis, Perturb & Observe, Photovoltaic generation, pilot contamination, pipe industry, piston, pollution, porosity, positioning, power loss, Power oscillation, power system protection., power transformers, Power Ttransformer, Pressure angle, pressure distribution, pressure drop, Probe tip diameter, process parameters, Productivity Improvement, properties of composite, PSCAD2, PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), PV, PV array, PV modelling, Quadcopter, radial force, radial forging, Radial gap, Rayleigh, reactive power, reactive power compensation, Reactive Power Loading, Recursive Principal Component Analysis (RPCA) Multi resolution analysis (MRA), Reference Compensating Current Generation Techniques, Relay coordination, remote control, RF parameters, Riser, RMSE (Root Mean Square Error), robot, robotic arm, Roof Design, Rotor angle stability., roughness, RPi, RSM, RTT, Runner, SACK, Scalar Quantization, SCIG, SCL, Secure LEACH, Security, SEIG, selection combining (SC), sensor, Series compensation, Setup, Shell, short distance, Shunt Active Harmonic Filter, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)2, simulation2, Simulink, single cell, single eye, slip velocity, SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply), Sobel, SoC, solar cell, solar energy, solar panels, Solar system, Solid disc brake rotor, Space-Time Block Coding (STBC), sparsity, Sprue, Sprue base, SPWM, squeeze pressure, SRF, Static Synchronous Series Compensator, step length, stress analysis, stripper, structure, Surface roughness2, SWA, Switching, Switching State, Symmetric Inverter, tangential force, target function, TCP, TEG, Temporal Smoothing, tensile strength, Test rig, The Fault current, Thermal analysis of disc brake, thermal conductivity, Three Level T- Typed Neutral Point Clamped (TNPC) Topology for Converter, Three-Phase V/f Drive, Throughput, Tilted pad, Tool Pin Profile, torque, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), transient, turn table assembly, Two-level boost converter, Ultrasonic power, Ultrasonic stirring, Unknown capacitors, Vapor chamber, Vector Quantization, vegetation, vibration, VIKOR, voltage collapse, voltage stability2, Volute casing, water, water distillation, Wear, Wet detection, wideband, WiFi, wind turbine, Winding loss, wireless power transfer, Wireless Sensor Network2, Work measurement, workplace management., XOR