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Design of Real Time Hybrid Energy Based Charging Station

EasyChair Preprint no. 7979

6 pagesDate: May 21, 2022


Electric vehicles have gained incredible over the past two decades as one of the solutions for optimistic greenhouse gases. Power count vehicles are on the rise around the world; so to user electric vehicles friendly becomes more importance. The main challenge in the use of electric vehicles is required charging time for the batteries used in the electric vehicles. As a result, it the subject matter has been reached across multiple credentials where a wide range of solutions has been proposed. National standards are expected for charging infrastructure will be finalized soon, allowing both public and private electric vehicles. Sector to deploy its charging fleet to meet demand for charge. Centralized strategic planning and charging station location selection is customizable proven to significantly reduce the initial cost required for meet electric vehicle charging demand and reduce range worry. Vehicles to charging station communication have been established to estimate the time of charging. This will help electric vehicles users to know about the charge status and charging station that support fast charging method. All natural dissipation energy is used to produce electricity. Thus electric power or electricity is available anywhere in the world at all times with minimum cost and pollution free. This paper will reveal a new step in the generation of electricity and availability of natural resources without disturbing ecological balance. This paper describes a novel and developing electric power generation mechanism by integrating photovoltaic solar power, wind power and nonconventional energy sources. Thus we have uninterrupted power supply regardless of any type of weather condition. Furthermore this process makes electricity generation is possible with least production cost. The combination of this system will be beneficial in future aspects like commercial power generation, factories, business and hotels and so on.

Keyphrases: charging station, electric vehicles, Hybrid energy system, solar power, wind power

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